Trunk or treat

Jacob is feeling better, but still contagious so he and Ryan had to stay home last night from our ward trunk or treat. I got to go early to help the YW make cupcakes. I say it often but these girls are so much fun.

They decorate over 100 cupcakes for the cake walk.

Joshua invited the neighbor kid Jason to come along and I think they all had a sugar filled fun time.


Jared and Sarah were running a booth so I never got a picture of them. Joseph is a cereal killer. And Emma decided on a biker girl.



Halloween round one, success.

Long nights.

My poor boy is still sick. The kind of sick where I don’t sleep well because I’m worried about him. I check on him to make sure he is still breathing. That’s what croup does to mothers. Long nights filled with worry.

He wakes up several times at night with fear in his eyes because he feels like he can’t breath. I help him to take deep breaths and calm down. I help him to get a drink and put his face over the humidifier. His throat starts to relax and then he sleeps. I lay there praying he will be ok.

Motherhood is filled with all kinds of worry. It’s a natural consequence from loving someone so very much.

At the drs today they gave him steroids and hopefully that means he will have a better night.


The dr was worried about pneumonia so he got a chest X-ray. Jacob was a little worried about that. The technician was really great and showed him the X-ray and explained everything to him.


He does have some congestion but the dr is hopeful the steroids will do the trick.

This is how we have spent the last couple of days. Jammie’s and snuggles.


I’m praying he is better soon.

Some days are just so busy. This whole week has been that way. Between helping in classrooms, volleyball games, cleaning house, grocery shopping, feeding the missionaries, preparing a lesson, and lots of meetings for church I’m tired. But it’s a good tired.

At the end of the day I feel grateful for a family to love and for a calling to serve. I read this quote from Marjorie Hinkley that summed up so perfectly how I feel
“I don’t want to drive up to the pearly gates in a shiny sports car, wearing beautifully, tailored clothes, my hair expertly coiffed, and with long, perfectly manicured fingernails.
I want to drive up in a station wagon that has mud on the wheels from taking kids to scout camp.
I want to be there with a smudge of peanut butter on my shirt from making sandwiches for a sick neighbors children.
I want to be there with a little dirt under my fingernails from helping to weed someone’s garden.
I want to be there with children’s sticky kisses on my cheeks and the tears of a friend on my shoulder.
I want the Lord to know I was really here and that I really lived.”


Life moves on with a passing of time that is faster then I am ready to face. Yesterday was a day to celebrate Joshua, or Josh as he know prefers to be called.


Joshua received The principle award given out for kids with straight A’s at an assembly. He was so proud and so was I. He is a very good mix between Sarah and Jared, with his own little twist of course.

Then last night he received his bobcat award at scouts. The leaders turned him upside down to pin it own me and everything.

Josh is smart, very smart. He loves to play outside with his friends. Bugs don’t bother him one bit. Basketball is still his preferred sport although football has recently entered the picture. He is a passionate person and many times he will tell me “this is the best day, best meal, best experience of my life!”

My Life

I really like my husband. Like a lot. He had to go out of town Wednesday last week and I could not have been happier to have him home late Friday night. I don’t sleep well and I miss snuggling and chatting with my best friend.

While he was away the kids had their school carnival, Sarah went to her first homecoming game where she got to be in the freshman float. And Jared got to go to the homecoming dance.




PTO is pretty awesome. I love overachievers who do amazing things for my kids school. The 4 youngers were content for a good two hours. And they probably would have stayed longer if I didn’t have to get them home and to bed so I could head back to man my booth.

Jared decided it would be way fun to ask a friend to homecoming. Yay for sisters. Sarah helped him come up with this poster. Since Jared and her are both volleyball players it was perfect.


Here is an up-close.


She seems like a super cute girl. She sent me pictures of the night.




The theme was casual white out. How great is that? Shopping for boys for a school dance was so much easy. I picked him up that shirt for under $10 and he was good to go.

When Jared told me about the dance he told me how fun it was to go with a fun friend instead of a girl that he liked or that liked him. I love this kid. He really wants to be a good.

Saturday we headed to the phoenix LDS temple open house. While there I experienced an amazing sense of peace and belonging. That sounds strange but I really felt close to my Savior. I could feel the reality of His life and that He lives for me.

Sarah and I are memorizing the document The Living Christ. Words were brought to my mind as we walked through this beautiful building.




Pumpkin patch

Yesterday I got to go with Jacob on his field trip. He is such a fun kid. So many volunteers came it was a 1:1 ratio. Jacob got put in group with his best friend and it was fun day for both them and us as the moms.
Jacob took and edited this picture while on the tractor ride.

I’ll upload more pictures next week from my camera.

Tomorrow we are heading to phoenix to go to the temple open house. I feel so grateful that my kids will get to experience this.

Mother of the year Award.

Today I heard that their really is such a thing as A Mother of the year. Wait what? Like we as women don’t already struggle with feelings of inadequacy and like we can never measure up, we now need an award to tell us so?

Here is the thing. I have spent the last 16 plus years trying to be ok with the way I mother. I am not perfect and I don’t always act the way I want to. But I am sure trying. Boy howdy am I trying. I’m learning to respect that others will mother much differently then me and that is totally awesome for them. Go be you women. Mother however you see fit for your children. But my children were sent to ME by God. He knows me and my weaknesses and He knows my children and their weaknesses and yet he still put us in the same family under the same roof. God ALSO knows my strengths. He knows that I want so badly to be a great mother, even if I often fall short of the expectations I set upon myself.

So with all of that in mind I decided to write myself a TRYING mother of the year award.

This is what it would look like.

This mother didn’t yell and scream at her children when they were fighting/brawling in the grocery store. She had the sense of mind to wait until they were in the privacy of her own car to heatedly explain why acting like little monsters is not ok.

Her house is clean when she has plenty of notice that someone is coming over. Well at least the main living areas. She has enough sense to shove everything else into rooms and closets where it will pile up until she almost goes certifiably crazy. But she doesn’t and we applaud her for mostly keeping her cool.

On Sunday’s she takes the time to actually put on makeup and do her hair. We are so impressed that she can do that 1 day out of 7. Finding that kind of time while raising 6 children is nearly impossible.

Her children know that she loves them even though she loses her cool and yells, is mean at times and doesn’t get up before them in the mornings.

She may resort to spanking when nothing else seems to work but she usually says sorry after she has calmed down and tries to talk it out.

This wonderful mother has taught her children the beauty of repentance by saying sorry, a lot.

She makes dinner for her family sometimes and her kitchen is often filled with dirty dishes to prove it. And sometimes her kids are lucky enough to get fast food and lots of conversations in the car while she drives all over town to take kids were they need to go.

Patience is a tool she is constantly TRYING to utilize. And effort is one of the highest values when it comes to a truly great mother.

She is one of the very best at making sure she gets a nap every day. And we all know a well rested mamma is… Well… Non existent so we celebrate her desire to try.

She even tries to be crafty and creative every once in awhile and her children thank her for it. How else would they get to watch so much tv?

She can instantly change her outward appearance from crazy screaming lady to calm and composed when someone rings her doorbell. How does she do it?

Let’s give an applause to a true mother. One who messes up over and over again but keeps on trying. One who lets her children see her cry simply because she is human and that gives them the right to feel and be human as well.

And here is to the Failing and Trying Again Mother of the Year.

I Am A Mormon

Saturday morning I woke up finally feeling a little better. My voice was coming back and I had energy again. The blessing of being sick is you really appreciate your health once you’re no longer sick.
Ryan took Emma, Joseph and Joshua with him for his 10 mile scouting bike ride. It turned into 13 and I didn’t think my kids could keep up. They all did it. And Joseph said it was the best day ever. I’m looking forward to doing this with them next time.



While they were gone I continued to take it easy and made this invite for our church’s trunk or treat.


Some women love to keep a clean house or exercise like crazy. Some are great scrapbookers and others make amazing crafts. I find it therapeutic to create these little invites with photoshop. It’s a free way to create and usually I am making it for someone else. Service and creation all on one.

The highlight of our weekend was when we went to the movies.


It’s so expensive to take a family of 8 so we really don’t go very often. I try to wait for a show that is really worth it. And this movie did not disappoint. We went and saw Meet the Mormons. It’s a documentary put out by my church.

To me a good movie leaves you thinking about it for days. It sits with you and teaches you long after the credits are rolling. At dinner we sat as a family and discussed what we learned and what we loved. Each child loved different aspects and the message was different for each on of them. The message to me was that we are all unique and beautiful in the sight of God. Our challenges and gifts are so uniquely molded just for us. As Mormons we have a unique belief system but we are all still so unique. Their maybe the stereo type mormon but then their are the rest of us.

At the end they played a song by David Archuleta titled Glorious. You can listen to it here. It has become an anthem to me. During this stage in my life I am starting to understand more fully who I am and what I have to bring to the table. I listened to it on repeat as I ran today. I felt empowered and ready to face the world. Go listen to it. I’d love to hear if you love it as much as I do.

I kind of hide in my room for two days with the hopes of not sharing my sick so it felt really good to be with my family again.


Then Sunday I was able to teach my lesson to the young women at church. They are the best. I really feel so lucky to be apart of their lives. Working with them gives me hope and peace and a desire to be better. Love those girls.

Then of course a Sunday nap was in order.

I love this man. Like a lot. It warmed my heart to see him sleeping. This man does so much for our family. While I was sick he took care of everything he normally does plus all of my duties all while taking care of me.

Once the littles were in bed we heard a knock on the door.

I am so grateful for the friends my kids have made since we moved here. It’s been especially good for Sarah.

And that was the weekend of this mormon mommy. It may not sound glamorous or fancy but it was perfect to me.


Sometimes my body is so mortal. I’ve been dealing with some bad headaches and IBS stuff lately. Plus I have just felt rather run down. My body is tired. No matter what I do I haven’t been able to kick it.
I was grateful to remember that in the past I have been vitamin D deficient and tiredness was the major symptom. So their is hope that I can feel back to my normal self soon.
Then last night I could feel a sore throat and cough coming on. I woke up to a very tight throat and pain.

I wish my body was well but today I am going to be grateful for what I do have. I have children who adore me. Being a mom is seriously the best. These little people make life so rewarding and I know my learning is expedited because of them.
EmmaLee brought me this in bed. She called it get well breakfast.

My body may be frustrating at times but really it’s never anything major. I can handle all of it and for that I am grateful.
My Mr Man is more then I could have ever asked for. He loves me so completely and unwaveringly.
I have peace and a strengthening of my faith that comes from daily scripture study. I’m just so grateful to know I am a daughter of God.
My texting group shared this song with me today.
Such a happy and peaceful reminder of who we are. Go listen to it. So worth it.

Rainy day Fall break

Last night as I lay down I thought about my littles. The younger littles. I feel like they don’t get as much time with me as the older ones did at their age. A big part of this is that I no longer homeschool. I’m grateful for the time I had doing that and I’m grateful to not be homeschooling right now.
With the weather cooling down it would be a great time to head to the park and enjoy running around. I have missed that. We did a lot of park days in California. And it’s just been to hot here for me to really enjoy sitting at the park with my people.
So when I woke up I was feeling all excited about a fun filled active day with the kids. Ryan and I first went on a walk together and it started to rain. It rained for most of the day. I do usually love a good raining day but now… What were the littles and I going to do?
We searched Pinterest and came up with a couple easy halloween crafts. And then we had a disney Halloween movie marathon. Love these people.




It was so messy and so much fun. I’m curious to see what they look like when they dry. We took cheesecloth and drenched it with homemade glue (2 cups water and 1 cup cornstarch heated in the microwave at 30 second increments until thickened. About 2 minutes)
They each went around the house and found anything round they could for the head and then put in inside a baggie for easy clean up. The ball was placed on top of a cup to give it height. Some of the kids glued on index cards rolled to make arms. Then you let is set for 24 hours. Super easy.

What would a craft be without a silly face?


Then we found some old fabric and cut it into squares. Tied some cotton balls in the center for a head. Then with strong ties it to these awesome branches I already had. The boys thought it was cool how they really look like they are floating.

And that will probably be he extent of my decorating. We might decorate the front door. If we get to it. That’s kind of how I roll.