Family Reunion- Birthday and a Talent Show- Day 2

Happy 2nd Birthday to this adorable niece of mine.  IMG_3782 Every time I would take a picture of her she would pose with her hand on hip.  So precious.IMG_3785 IMG_3788


Ice cream and cake on the patio with an amazing view? Yes please.IMG_3794IMG_3795 IMG_3793 IMG_3792 IMG_3790The talent show was so great. And that is coming from one who is not usually a huge fan of the talent show.  So much can go wrong.  But this night everything went right.  I might be biased but we got skills.

Shoulder AngelIMG_3894IMG_3900Say Something DuetIMG_3888Dance party like only Sarah can throw.  I love that you love dancing Sarah.IMG_3882 IMG_3875These boys sang Let it Go from Frozen

IMG_3865Hey Homies. We have listened to this song several times since the lip sync.  You guys are so great.IMG_3860Once upon a time…The story of my in-laws. How perfect are those masks? IMG_3837At one point they were holding 13 babies.IMG_3849 And dance moves from this cute girl.IMG_3831

My personal favorite was my husband.  This is so not something I expected from him which made it all the funnier.

Motivational Speaker. Click here to watch the original


Family Reunion- Shoting- Day 2

I loved the way this all played out.  The bigger kids helped out the younger kids.  Dads taught their girls how to shot and cousins helped cousins.

IMG_3301 IMG_3302 IMG_3308 IMG_3315 IMG_3319Checking out how they did.  IMG_3332 Then it was time for the big kids.IMG_3343 IMG_3357 IMG_3399IMG_3469 Way to go Ladies.IMG_3476These boys are so great.IMG_3329After the kids were done with their turn and while they waited for the bigger kids they made up their own game.

IMG_3468IMG_3467IMG_3453IMG_3455I absolutely love watching them all play together.  Coming from a big family is pretty darn amazing!

Climbing rocks was a thing the entire time we were here.

IMG_3474Reeghan makes it look so peaceful.

IMG_3462Once we finished here we headed over to archery where Hope showed us how it’s done.

IMG_3483IMG_3480 IMG_3486

Family Reunion- Rise and Shine- Day 2

Saturday Schedule
6 am basketball (for those who want) or hike for anyone else who would like to
7:30 am breakfast (Trent and Sarah)
8-10 am rifle /archery range… Let the games begin
10-12 Zipline
12-1 lunch (Tory and Orchids)
1-5 pool
5-6 water balloon toss/ relay games and free time
6pm Dinner/dessert (Kyle and Amy, Lauren and Todd)
7pm talent show followed by family prayer
8:30pm bedtime for 11 and under
9 pm games for 12-18 in Cypress house living area and adults in the Vista lodge

We are used to waking up early in our house so this man was hungry before our hike.  Celebrating left over donuts.

As I left my cabin I had to laugh at our Twin Maxi Vans. Love that name Amy.IMG_3213In my heart I have always believed I was Laura Ingalls Wilder and living in a cabin in the woods should be my home.  So much beauty. IMG_3246Here are my little hiking buddies.   IMG_3242 IMG_3215IMG_3245IMG_3240We headed over to the basketball courts and watched a little ball action.

IMG_3219 IMG_3230

No fights occurred which makes for a way fun time.IMG_3227These boys played their own game for awhile then we headed over to the playground.

IMG_3236 IMG_3234After breakfast we all got ready for a fun active day. How stylin is this guy?IMG_3254 IMG_3273 IMG_3277

Family Reunion- Flag Ceremony- Day 1

So much work went into this whole experience and so I just want to thank Allie again.  I love that she had us each make a family flag with our family motto.  This was very touching and so good to see the variety of motto’s. IMG_3162At all began with these two love birds. Not One Shall Be LostIMG_2938I love love that she made this flag back in 1983 and that she kept it.  So great.

But what is even greater is that Mom has this flag from family reunions past.IMG_2939I am Chapman

Child of God, Hard Working, Always True, Patient, Moral, Accepts Responsibility, Never QuitsKelly & Gary and Erynne, Tyler, Tim, and Kaylee We are missing Travis who is serving a mission in Finland right now.

IMG_3167Ryan & I and family, Thank you children for the beautiful natural faces.IMG_3171We trust the Lord With all our hearts and go and do the things the Lord Commands leaning not unto our own understanding 1 Nephi 3:7 Proverbs 3:5

Chapmans are Tenacious ChampionsIMG_3172Hope & Travis and Family. Live the Life You LoveIMG_3176Kyle & Amy and family- Live AlohaIMG_3179Trent & Sarah and familyIMG_3185

Chapmans Are Champions, I am, I can, I ought, I will.IMG_3152Sean & Allie and familyIMG_3187You lift me & I’ll Lift thee & We’ll Ascend Together


Love, Integrity, Faith, TeamworkIMG_3188Tory & Orchids and familyIMG_3192Not For Self But For FamilyIMG_3195Lindsay & Jared and familyIMG_3196Todd and LaurenIMG_3200 Monica and Austin (Our adopted sister and her son) IMG_3155We were then blessed to hear from Tyler who just recently got home from a mission to Germany.  He told us a little about the people and the culture and about some of his experiences.  He also opened the floor to answering questions.  The kids came up with interesting questions and he was good natured and humored them.  We sure missed this guy.IMG_3204And look how great he looks in his lederhosen. IMG_3209Then the littles were off to bed.  The 12-18 year olds played games in one cabin and after the adults got all our kids to bed we played games in the lodge.

I was so tired when I laid down I didn’t even notice how uncomfortable the beds were.

Family Reunion- Birthday celebration- Day 1

We were all getting ready for dinner and some celebration when I came across this deer and her baby.  She is kind of hard to see.  If you look the end of the road to the left of the big tree trunk you can see her ducking under the fence.  It took her baby a little bit longer to figure out how to get into camp.

It was so great to be out in nature and see Gods creations and to smell the rawness of the forest.  I can smell it now just thinking about it.

IMG_2982I quickly found all the little people I could round up to show them our new animal friends.  These two took to exploring and went deep into the underbrush to get a very close look at the deers.

IMG_2995Could cousins be any better?IMG_3008After the exploring it was time for dinner. We ate so good this trip.

IMG_3101Such adorable kitchen help.

IMG_3061 IMG_3062 IMG_3063 IMG_3065A little pre-dinner goofing around and visitingIMG_3100 IMG_3107Some of my favorite moments were sitting around and talking with these excellent women.  They are all such examples to me and I look up to them in so many ways.

IMG_3096My focus was off here but I still love the way these two are looking at each other. IMG_3102Once dinner was all cleaned up and we had eaten to our hearts content we celebrated this amazing man.  The patriarch to this huge clan.

IMG_3125IMG_3135I wonder if he knows how much we all really love and value him.  I felt an abundance of gratitude for him this weekend.  He has taught his children the value of hard work and smart work.  He has shown them how to put the Lord first, and really, he has taught me and so many others as well.

As I looked around at all these amazing people I was filled with wonder. So much goodness and love in one room and all because of these two people.  I can only hope that my children look up to Ryan and I as we do them.

We sport party hats just as good as we do headbands.

IMG_3123 IMG_3112 IMG_3138And just in case you were wondering, these really are the best donuts I have ever eaten.  Like ever. IMG_3142 IMG_3143Melt in your mouth good.  They know us all at Savoys donuts.  When we lived there they would ask about my kids and my in-laws.  So friendly and so yummy.  Win win.  If you are ever in Escondido, CA you have to stop by.

Poor boy

Jacob came home from school yesterday really not feeling well. Some serious stomach pain that has him crying out in pain.

I would never wish pain for my boy but it is kind of nice to have him snuggle with me. He came in very early this morning and asked the way day a prayer with him and then he came and snuggled some more.

Even as I type this he is snuggled up next to me.


Being a mom has hard moments but then we are given these tender little gems that help us to pause and be grateful.

How sweet is the redo?

I made the apple sauce again last night and it was soooo worth the wait.
My kids all loved it and said it tastes like dessert. And the smell…. Mmmm!


It had a Cinnamon Carmel taste to it. I will be making this recipe again. It was super easy and the only down side was that I didn’t make enough. Next time.

Defiantly make this. It is a new fall must have. I found the recipe here

Staying safe from the snakes and storms.

I was pulling the weeds yesterday while chatting with my mom on the phone. As I got to a particularly large weed I was pulling and pulling and couldn’t get it out. I had gotten all the rest the weeds and I was doing one last look over to make sure when I saw what I thought was a bird feather in the bush I had just been pulling so hard at. It looked so large I thought it might have been a small dead bird. So I got real close to see what exactly it was.

Then upon closer inspection I realized what it was. And I might have freaked out a little.

A baby rattlesnake was inches away from where my hands had just been. I quickly got my husband and we spent the next ten minutes trying to catch it. It was such an ordeal because we were trying to use a shovel to get it out of the bushes but then it just went deeper in the more we tried.

It took a lot more work then I was expecting but we finally got to it again and immediately took it’s head off. I was not going to let it live right outside my front door. WAY to close for comfort.


Ryan and Jared were brave and didn’t even think twice. I might have screamed like a a girl, a couple times. The snake kept moving after it was killed and I didn’t realize they did that.

I had a rough night last night. Just one of those moments were you just want to go to bed early and start the day day with a clean slate. And with the fresh perspective the new day gives I was blessed with new insight.

As we sat around the breakfast table and read scriptures before the kids went off to school thoughts came and words were shared that touched my heart so deeply and gave me much needed peace and comfort.

And then my mind was drawn to that snake. Often times satan is waiting just outside our doorstep just like that snake was. He is cunning and sneaky and knows when to hide (and if anything like that snake he can hide well) and when to strike.

As I thought in this I realized the importance of arming ourselves and our children with the knowledge and strength of Gods words that we know how to handle dangerous situations and temptations. Inside our doors should be a safe haven from the world and I pray daily for that very thing. I want my children to know they can come to us with any problems so that when they do come across the snakes they will know how to handle them. And if they mess up and get bite that they can come to us for help and guidance.

Yesterday we were also hit with a pretty serious monsoon. Record breaking rain levels in a very short amount of time.


This was hours after the storm had hit. Usually there is no water there and it is not normally a heavy flowing river.
The dangers that come from the floods was another metaphor to me of the trials and struggles we, as all humans, must face. Am I teaching my children to stay on safe ground? Do they know where to find refuge from the storms?

I came across this article in my studies today.

Elder Bednar reminds us of three steps that can helps us to be more diligent and concerned at home.

1. Express love and show it
2. Bear testimony and live it
3. Be consistent.

I feel as I do these things I am strengthening my children to be able to handle the snakes, whirlwinds and storms that can occur just outside my front door.

I’m going to hug my children tight when they get home today.